December 22, 2015
Larry Lorance

Within the United States, Fire Replicas ships all of their model fire apparatus via United Parcel Service (UPS) and upon request, using US Postal Service.

Fire Replicas constructs their models from stainless steel, high-def resin, wire, plastic, rubber, and spin cast. Each model is crafted using between 300 and 600 hand-crafted parts. As a result, the folks at Fire Replicas take great care to make sure your model arrives in perfect condition. They have taken the packing of fragile items to a new level. In fact, in over 20 years of collecting fire models, no company has taken this much effort and care in packing to make sure their customers receive their models undamaged. However, like anyone that ships fragile items, no matter how much care you put into packing an item, you have zero control over that package once it leaves your home or business.

I received my Fire Replicas model in a heavy-weight, cardboard shipping box. The model was surrounded by multiple layers of packing to prevent compression damage and ensure that the model arrives in great condition.

Unopened cardboard shipping box as delivered by UPS.

The first layers of protection are the Styrofoam peanuts surrounding the box.

Sweeping the peanuts away you see the Fire Replicas model box.

The Fire Replicas box containing the model is removed.


The model is surround on all six sides by high density foam and black ribbon is provided to pull the model out
from the shipping box. To prevent scratching of the display case, the case is wrapped in cellophane.
The top foam protector is removed to display the model inside the display case.

The model is removed from the shipping box. Again, notice the acrylic cover is wrapped
in cellophane to prevent scratching and separation from the model’s platform during shipping and unpacking.


Finally, the clear display cover is removed to showcase the model and the stainless steel nameplate