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According to Allen Goethe, owner of Twin Whistle Sign and Kit Company, "Here is our newest kit and model. When we saw this building, we were attracted by the clean lines and simplicity of the stonework. Then we saw the plaques on the building, and I knew then that we would be producing this model. I'd like to thank the station personnel for photographing the plaques so that we could properly acknowledge those men who have given their all on behalf of their community.
There is a memorial plaque that deserves special mention. On the plaque is a line from Walt Whitman's "Song of My Self". It reads "They have cleared the beams away, they tenderly lift me forth". I knew then that we would make this model.
So this model, 1/64th scale, has a resin facade, has styrene side and back walls, and there is a laser cut wooden door. The door frame is laser cut and engraved alder wood, and the plaques are laser cut basswood. The door is reversible. One side is the "old-fashioned" fold-up door and the other side has a 3D painting similar to the present door. The door can go up or down or can be removed altogether. Accessories include an air conditioner, flag, and a set of lockers.
The footprint is 11" L x 5" W. The building is 9 1/2" high to the cornice, and is perfect those Code 3 vehicles. The cost is $185 plus shipping or the kit can be purchased for $69.95 plus shipping. Each kit and model is made in our shop". 

All photographs are used with the permission of and are copyrighted by Twin Whistle Sign and Kit Company

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