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One of my contest entries is this 1968 Dodge W500 Crash/Rescue. It is 1/25 scale. Cab is a resin casting from a master that I did and had cast by Tom Coolidge. The body is scratch built. Pump panel, CO2 bottles and appliances are scratch built as well. Nozzles and end caps are from Don Mills Hobbies. Booster hose is electrical wire. Hose in the bed is sewing elastic that has been given a wash of Floquil "Dust" paint. The aluminum extinguisher on the pump panel side was turned on a lathe. Foam buckets are resin castings from a mold of an aluminum master, Mud/snow tires are also resin castings from a master that was scratch built using photoetched tread. Decals are computer generated and printed on an ALPS dry printer on clear decal paper. The model is of a typical rig that might be used at a small municipal airport. "Village of Tremont" is fictitious. ........Charles Rowley
You are looking at a 1/64 scale kitbash of the FDNY 1985 Mack / Saulsbury Rescue 1
This piece was done using mainly two differnt Code 3 trucks. The Code 3 MR/ MC Mack NYPD unit
and the 1996 HME / Saulsbury Rescue. Starting with the cab it was stripped down and painted. Diamond plate add to the roof along with lighting details. Moving to the back it was stripped down to metal and all of the doors cut off. I also cut the back of the truck to add the older style FDNY back. I then went in and built each cabinet one by one starting with the frames and then the shelving. each door measured to scale and put in place. The doors were left open to show some of the tools a rescue company may use at any given time. I took parts from many Code 3 pieces and also scratch built many small tools, such as the halogan bars and the jaws to name a few. I put diamand plate on the back of the truck with lighting a top This was the look of the older FDNY rescues company from the back. There are many more details but i want to keep it short.
This piece was a great challenge and a lot of fun to kitbash. I would encourage anyone to give a kitbash like this a try
.....Mike Gilbert
This is one of two Oshkosh DA-1500's that were in service with Salt Lake City Fire Department.  It was built using a resin 1/64th scale Oshkosh HEMMT.  It is 80% scratch built including the articulated joint.
- 750 GPM pump
- 1500 Gallon tank
- 8V92TA detroit diesel
- Allison HT-755 Transmission
- 265 Gallon foam tank
- 500 lbs of Halon
Tim Collins


I started off with a Bayonne and removed all the decals, put new FDNY decals on it, small scale letters on the front are from a different sheet. The reason I made this truck is because FDNY ran a test with Lime Macks and assigned them to busy companies. TL7 is a busy company, thats why it is decaled for that truck.
Brandon Ruckh
My Set of FDNY Ladder 1 and Engine 7 from Duane Street. I've changed all the Decals, added accessoires to E7 and L1 (fan, traffic cones, stoke, lifesaver ring,...), L1 got silver painted rims. The Trucks were a former Engine 10 and a former Ladder 41.
Florian Kollmann
FDNY Tiller Ladder 24 Fictional Kitbash

I used an FDNY Rearmount Ladder 24 and LTI Simon/Duplex TDA to make this bash. I really like the graphics on the FDNY L-24 and I wanted a newer style tiller in my collection that was nicer than the orignal FDNY Seagrave tillers so I used the LTI version as it has much cleaner lines in my opinion. Both trucks were disassembled, cut and combined, the rear of the tiller cab and trailer was stripped, painted, and FDNY decals applied. Misc. tools, equipment, and parts (ex. Engine snokel on top of tiller cab) were added and there is the finished product....Brian Miller

FDNY E-One Engine 64 Kitbash
I used an FDNY Engine 34 and E-One Collector's Club Ladder to make this bash.  I wanted to make a replica of the 1996 E-One pumper that was used by E-64 (and others) to have something different that only Seagrave FDNY pumpers. Both trucks were disassembled, cut and combined, the E-One cab was painted where needed, and FDNY decals applied. Front suction hose was added along with other misc. tools and equipment....Brian Miller


FDNY Mack C Tower Ladder 105 Fictional Kitbash
I used a Detroit Mack C Engine 49 and Coaldale Mack CF Tower Ladder to make this bash.  I was going for a classic looking FDNY Tower and I was really pleased with the outcome of the truck.  The real FDNY Mack C TL's were single rear axle, but I liked the look of the rear tandem during the planning of this truck so I left it that way.  Both trucks were disassembled.  The rear body from the Mack CF Ladder had to by modified by closing off the large hole from where the Mack CF cab mounted to it from teh Coaldale truck.  This was done and painted and then the Mack C cab and dog house was mounted to the TL body. Paint was applied where needed and classic FDNY decals were applied. 
Code 3 Mack CF Engine 41 just a few month before Engine gets Squad status. No box on top and no hose on front.
Was done from a Code 3 Mack CF Engine 58 !......Hans Oliver Kehr
This is my first attempt at a kitbash.  After years of doing boxed models, I decided to give it a shot.  The project actually started a few years back and was left in a box until a couple of weeks ago.
 This tanker/pumper started out as a Code 3 Crown.  The second axle and body extension were added from a donor Crown.  The tank is from a Maisto milk truck.  It was cut off from the bottom to make it fit the new chassis.  The walk plank, rear ladder and one of the top tank fills were removed and filled smooth.  It was repainted (by far the hardest part, as it was done twice) and decals and stripes were added from a generic set.
 Overall I enjoyed the project and have a new respect for those guys who do this on a regular basis.  Maybe I'll cut back on the caffine to steady my hands and start on a new project......Todd Groves

NYPD Ford F450 wreaker. Made from a 1/24 Matchbox Collectibles Texaco tow truck. Repainted and NYPD decals were applied......Scott T. Strandberg Sr.

A Quint/tiller. Made from 3 different Code 3 products. Tiller was a Baltimore T-30. Cab was a Detroit Rearmount ladder. Pump was from my parts box....Scott T. Strandberg Sr.

E-24. This was made straight out of the box from a 1/24 American LaFrance Eagle kit. I just added an old Hess ladder.
......Scott T. Strandberg Sr.

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