West Metro Fire Rescue
First Gear Ambulance

Welcome to West Metro Fire Rescue (WMFR). West Metro Fire Protection District was established Jan. 1, 1995 when Lakewood and Bancroft Fire Protection Districts consolidated services. WMFR is a special district in the state of Colorado and is governed by a board of seven publicly elected officials.

A force of 303 career firefighter/paramedics and 27 volunteer fire fighters from 15 stations serve the district's 265,000 people, making West Metro the largest special district and one of the largest fire departments in Colorado.  Sitting just west of Denver at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, West
Metro is a full-service fire and rescue agency. We provide all aspects of fire and rescue to the citizens of the City of Lakewood, Town of Morrison, southeast Jefferson County, and parts of Douglas County, including Roxborough State Park and Waterton Canyon.

West Metro Fire Rescue is dedicated to providing the best services to our citizens for the most cost-effective price. And, we are committed to our motto of doing Whatever it Takes...To Serve.

On the actual unit, the Eagle's head will be pulled forward so it's not hidden by the trumpets on the fenders. Sept. release date and limited to 480 units..

These models were produced by GHS Collectibles for WMFR.

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